Together we will end homelessness

Together we will end homelessness

‘Are you a barefoot runner or are your shoes just killing you’?

Anadi (my husband) and I were standing in the rain waiting to cross the road as she came up to us.

‘I’m a barefoot runner’ I replied, ‘but I’ve just had a big birthday brunch – so I’m a barefoot walker at the moment’, I laughed… She laughed too and went on her way…

‘If I had my Julia’s barefoot JOG cards, I could have given her one’… I said to Anadi, but it was just Day 1 of my preparation to get my bare feet fit for adventures in aid of the charity Crisis….

And the cards aren’t quite ready yet… 

I can remember sitting chatting with a friend after a long run over a long breakfast, over twenty years ago now… We talked about the homeless, about a sense within us of wanting to help..

But how?


Together we are stronger

Together we create miracles

Together we make a difference

‘Together we will end homelessness’ 

And paradoxically when each of us commits to our own step within the whole journey of life; when  each of us ‘be the change we want to see in the world’, when each of us shines our own light –  it can inspire and uplift and encourage others – and so together the sky is the limit…

When I ran across Spain in my bare feet, I was often asked ‘why’?  And I would answer that it arose within me, that my feet decided – and that I was inspired by the poet Antonio Machado’s poem

‘Walker there is no path, we make the path by walking it’

And this inspires me still, to make the path by walking it…

And so when it arose in me that my feet wanted to go on more barefoot journeys – it was a natural step that I would choose Crisis as the charity… To raise awareness of the lives of the homeless, and to raise money to give more people more opportunity to make their path by walking it with more joy vitality and possibility

And so on May 12th 2021 I announced my plan; immediately there was a surge of energy and enthusiasm from so many other souls, who want to join me on the journeys

Together we will end homelessness

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.