Validating our differences leads to connection

Validating our differences leads to connection

One day I was meandering about on line looking at all things barefoot when I discovered that international running day is in May!

In honour of this and in honour of announcing my ‘plan’ to run the length of the UK in my bare feet next year, I decided I would do my own barefoot running celebration around Trafalgar Square – it seemed as good a place as any to run a joyous lap..

‘I’m celebrating international barefoot running day’, I announced to a family who were looking at me quizzically…’When we were in London a couple of years ago, it was International hugging day’, the woman said; ‘everyone kept coming up to us and hugging us…that couldn’t happen now’, she tailed off… ‘But we’ll try barefoot running in the garden when we get home shall we…?’ she addressed her children

The children nodded and smiled, still gazing at me with quizzical looks on their faces…They wandered on and I raced off around the fountain! 

Running running running…

We made our way to Covent Garden which was buzzing… We could also hear the familiar tones of opera singers busking at the ‘Crusting Pipes’ – the sounds wafting up occasionally when the breeze blew our way…

‘They’re back’ I said – happily 

We decided it was time for brunch – and soon we were seated at a table at ‘Pain Quotidien’, which was serving amazing looking fare – and what appeared to be the perfect cup of coffee…Heaters blazed brightly above our heads…

We had a chat with the man next to us who was celebrating the fact he was out and about again…

‘I didn’t like being told what to do’ he said…

It was fun to sit and enjoy being with all of the people…

After awhile we made our way along the mall backwards along the London marathon finish which I have run up a few times!

The mall is quite ouchie underfoot, but my feet felt tough today – responding to all the different surfaces with enthusiasm – 

‘We can do this’ they sang!

Julia Chi

Turning into Hyde park we saw boxers practising in pairs – a group were dancing, playing the castanets as they whirled and jumped in unison following their leader at the front… Some ‘aliens’ walked across in front of us – dressed from head to toe in green – long antennae waving about on their heads.

At speakers corner a few spoke – passionately – and a handful listened, or just stood nearby chatting…

As we ran through.

I love humans I said – I love being a human

All of us doing our thing.

Whether running about with no shoes, or dressing up in a green suit – or boxing – or leaping and jumping to the clickety clacking of the castanets…

We are all doing our thing

We are all where we are, and we could be nowhere else in this moment than where we are

Accepting this, and accepting one another – validating our differences – leads to connection.

When we see another and remember always to respect and honour them – and whatever is going on in their lives, however different from our own…

There is no divide

We all work together

We honour and recognise that the spirit of another is the same spirit within us.

We truly see the other – whatever their circumstances…

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.