What matters to you?

What matters to you?

Barefoot on the rainy streets is fun, for me, if feels the same kind of childlike fun of racing about on a lawn fresh with morning dew.

Anadi and I were walking down the road to have some supper last week… It was my turn to cook and any of my readers who have been to my flat have seen that on top of the stove sits a buddha, a peace lily and a couple of candles 

‘No cooking is happening here’ laughed Kathy, who gave me the little Buddha a few months ago – he sits happily on my hob, and if you turn him upside down is bathed immediately in sparkly magic…

When it’s ‘my turn to cook’, I do often prepare a ‘super salad’ – but in the past, more often than not we would go out – and now that we can again I am making up for the lost months!

As we left the restaurant after our dinner, we walked into wet shiny newly rained on roads – and some sploshy puddles too

Fun always fun… 

Every day a play time day!

And every day, rain or shine, an opportunity to make a new friend

In the same way as being with a baby or a puppy – walking without shoes opens the way for a chat 

People notice a person without shoes, almost as if they am travelling the road less travelled…

And they wonder where it might lead…

So do I 🙂 

A range of reactions crosses the faces of those I meet in the streets.

Some just gaze at my feet, some nudge their partner in an attempt to make them look

Some do a thumbs up sign

Some ask me directly ‘where are your shoes?’

Some ask ‘Why?’

Some caution me to look out for glass…

For me, it is a natural state, the way I like to live, a lifestyle choice.

I decided recently that I am like a city fox! A barefoot wild city dweller…

And my feet always have a plan!

First they wanted to run across Spain… They were inspired by watching a video where Lynne Allbutt ran across Wales with no shoes on…

‘We want to do that’, they called to me, ‘but let’s run from the top of Spain back to here’…

I was living in Almuñecar in Southern Spain at the time.

And so I did as they bid me…

And now they have another plan…!

Barefoot draws a crowd, and so it is natural that with a crowd comes an opportunity for us to join together, to work together, to raise money, awareness and create change together

Across Spain, we talked about life, about living now… ‘What matters to you?’ was the ethos of the hospices I raised money for.

And this is a question that is relevant for us all, whether we are aware that death is fast approaching or just aware that death is inevitable…

What matters to you?

Whether we are living a life of prosperity and worldly success, or sitting on the street without a home to go to..

What matters to you?

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.