The mystery of the moment

The mystery of the moment

‘Look out for glass!’

‘You’ll hurt your feet…

Your bones, your ligaments!’

‘You’ll cut yourself!’

‘Be careful’

‘Isn’t it uncomfortable?’

‘Lady! Where are your shoes?’

‘I like your style’

‘You’re so brave…’



It is a wonderful thing to experience that simply kicking off a pair of shoes gives an unspoken invitation for people to comment and suggest – to offer advice, or just to be curious…

But openly curious

Like children are with one another, no social constructs that say

‘Don’t mention…’

‘Don’t talk about…’


Openness candour childlike curiosity and connection

Whatever the comments or communication – it seems that bare ness means there is already a transparency, and so there are not the barriers of ‘politeness’ that limit dialogue and inquiry, curiosity about another human…

The naked feet instead invite dialogue, and so storytelling too.

My answer to the question ‘Why?’ Changes all the time.

Because the truth is that I don’t really know why!

Do we really know anything at all?

How can we know the unknown

The mystery of the moment

And everything is unknown until we put a narrative; a meaning; an explanation – a projection from our own filter, our own camera lens…

The way we position the lens, where the light falls, where we stand and watch and assess…

Changes everything.

And so when I am asked ‘why?’ it is new every time.

And I answer as if I have never been asked before…

I have said things like ‘I don’t know, my feet decided, ask them!’

Or… ‘I don’t have any shoes’, and most recently I added to that one – ‘they don’t belong to me and I don’t belong to them..'(not sure where that came from 🙂 )

Sometimes I have said ‘I like it, it’s fun, shoes never suited me…’

And sometimes I give a much longer story…

But it’s not necessarily the truth because really and truly I’m not sure why I don’t wear shoes

It’s just the story of the moment…

What is truth anyway?

Language changes everything and so a pure stream of energy – a feeling, a sense, a movement within and all around, an image, a sound, an experience – are immediately changed with language.

When we stay with the moment

With pure existence

We experience everything anew, even the things we know so well like the routine of cleaning our teeth, or going to get our morning coffee or pull on our trainers – or not – to step out the door to run.

I have been stepping out of the door to run each morning for fifty years now

Nearly every day for a long long time

And yet it is all new.

Even the same routes have newness each time.

When we meet a friend or we encounter our partner again each day, if we look at them as if for the first time, it allows expansion and possibility and newness

Growth, delight

Of course to function as physical beings we have made constructs that allow us to navigate this journey

We make assumptions that the steps will hold us, that the train, car, plane will carry us safely 

That the wifi will work

That the coffee will be coffee tasting and hot…

And so we navigate newness within familiarity and what we have learned.

If we can hold these two positions lightly and at the same time – then we can ever embrace the mystery of the moment

Experience the silence – the stillness within… Stay in the step we are in, allowing the next to take care of itself as all around us whirls and swoops and moves and changes 

All the time. 

I am preparing to run barefoot from John O’Groats to Land’s end in 2022 to raise awareness and support for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.