Going beyond boundaries with Cathy Ulliot

Going beyond boundaries with Cathy Ulliot

Cathy Ulliot  completed her first marathon in London in 1997, she went on to compete in seven more London marathons.

She worked through some years of chronic injury to then compete in seven Brighton marathons.

Her marathon time has reduced from just inside 4.30 for her first run, to 3.14 and seen her compete 3 times for England V 55, with a fourth due to happen this year in York.

Cathy was also  a consultant psychiatrist for twenty years for older people until she retired in 2018.

She has recently taken up writing and is finding it both cathartic and creative.
She is interested to explore how much of what she learned through running sustained her in her working life – and vice versa….
She also has a new blog called ‘Self love before sixty’

This is part 1 of a two part podcast where Cathy shares with us her life stories, running stories and her insights.