A 5k race around Battersea Park

A 5k race around Battersea Park

I felt free

I felt like I was flying on land

It felt fun fun and more fun.

In every step I felt alive 

My spirit felt light and what my spirit was my body was too.

This was what I knew to be true

The joy of the step

The light shining the way.

As over the years the burden of time over distance has left my being

My spirit has grown lighter and brighter 

And I am doing what I came to do

To run

To become


And to see 

That freedom was there all the time.

My spirit free, the joy in each step, the fun, the fun and the more fun…

The road to become was never a road, there was no journey to go on

But I journeyed all the same…

I journeyed for many years long

Running because running was what I came to do

Running fast

Fleet of foot for mile after mile.

At times I would experience the zone

Timeless freedom

Pure joy.

 But in truth the tyranny of the clock never fully left.

Until now…

It was fun on Wednesday night as I raced the Run Through UK 5k, to run and look at my watch and see if I could run faster, faster for the second lap…

And then to see how fast for the last kilometre.

‘Time me Daddy – time me’ the eight year old called to her father. At her plea, he went with her to the playing fields – ‘Time me Daddy’

She wanted to run faster, she wanted to see what she could do.

But the fun of the run, then turned into a tyranny, a straight jacket from which she couldn’t escape,

Instead of trying to run fast for fun, she started to feel that life wasn’t fun unless she ran fast…

And she never ran fast enough!

Even as she crossed the line at the end of her fastest marathon, run in 2 hours and 36 minutes and 31 seconds, her immediate response was one tinged with disappointment, because she had wanted to run faster!

But on a Wednesday night, midsummer’s day 2021, in the very same park she had raced around over 30 years before – chasing a time for 5k, burning lungs and legs and always hoping for faster –

This time she ran round with no shoes on her feet, and she knew she was free.

Fully free

I’ve been running to learn now for over six decades; it’s what I came to do.

And as I circled the park I know so well, making my own piece of art the way I do with each running step I take, I reflected that this ‘piece’, that I painted on the canvass of my life in the now, has taken all of these six decades…

And so it is

The story of our lives

A flash

A moment 

And years and years and years…

To experience the power of who we truly are.

I am preparing to run barefoot from John O’Groats to Land’s end in 2022 to raise awareness and support for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.