Silence is Freedom

Silence is Freedom

Do you think we’re silly to come out without an umbrella? I said to Jane as we stepped onto the great shiny wet streets in London in the middle of summer! 

Jane laughed and pointed at my naked feet that were happily stepping into the wetness…

I laughed too…

But then reflected later that if I was completely bare bodied – and it was warm – I wouldn’t be considering an umbrella.

It’s getting cold that is the ‘thing’

And clothes that get wet can tend to feel cold and uncomfortable…

I remember being in St Lucia with Anadi and after weeks of blue skies and high temperatures, high humidity, hot hot hot – sweating all the time hot – we were joyous at cloudy days…

And when the rain came one day we delighted in ten splashy miles of delight, soaked to every single bone in our body with a warm torrent of delicious water from the sky.

I remember the same too in Southern Spain one evening; the skies opened and as the torrents poured down, I danced in my red dress on the balcony of our apartment under natures pressure shower.

Pure delight 

How we love contrast as humans.

And we don’t like being uncomfortable so we often seek relief from this…

There is the tale of the penguin who sat on his ice flow dreaming of the tropics, his dream came true and his ice flow floated off and as it melted, he found himself on a warm beach and sunny skies.

He was last seen sipping a cocktail but yearning for the coolness of his icey ice flow…

When we practise coming back to the body, breathing in and finding the expanse of ease within – then seeking comfort on the human journey becomes secondary

But no less important.

Silence at the core means that in seeking to consciously create is for ever expanding experience in this human journey, rather than as an answer.

If we always remember to come back to the moment, and to the centre of our being, it becomes more fun to seek new experiences, seek out things that we enjoy and that we want…

We live in a universe of polarity and we often need to know what we don’t want to know what we do want!

But also knowing that what we thought we wanted might after all not be so, and that we can change our minds.

So much conditioning often lends itself to beliefs about ‘sticking with things’ ‘making our bed and lying on it’… and so on…

I remember first hearing that  ‘knowing what I didn’t want’ was helpful to living a richer life, when I was having a session with Ros my supervisor – she had asked me what I wanted from the supervision and I proceeded to give a long list of the things I didn’t want!

‘Well its good to know what you don’t want to know what you do want’ she had said…

I have never forgotten that.

And I also learnt that when we are experiencing something we don’t want it is an opportunity for us to recognise what we do want

That we are out of alignment 

That there is inner work to be done.

It’s time to breathe in and release any tension and to find the space.

We are the space

When we create from the space, the silence, rather than the mind

We are free

The silence is who we truly are…

Everything else is made up from our minds

So let’s make it up in a joyous playful way!

I am preparing to run barefoot from John O’Groats to Land’s end in 2022 to raise awareness and support for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.