Going beyond boundaries with Cathy Ulliott. Part 2

Going beyond boundaries with Cathy Ulliott. Part 2

This is Part 2 of a conversation with Cathy Ulliott where she shares with us that she is on a regrouping exercise open to connecting with others , with a website that is now up and running !
Self love before sixty will run for 28 months or end sooner if the issue of self love is resolved.

Anyone who would like to hop aboard and join the journey please subscribe !

Cathy completed her first marathon in London in 1997, she went on to compete in seven more London marathons.

She worked through some years of chronic injury to then compete in seven Brighton marathons.

Her marathon time has reduced from just inside 4.30 for her first run, to 3.05 and seen her compete 3 times for England V 55, with a fourth due to happen this year in York.

This is podcast part 2 where Cathy talks in more depth about her new website and blog
‘Self Love before 60’ and shares with us the lessons learned through her work and her running and how both were helpful in each area.

The conversation is a reflection on a lifetime of working and running life. 

In particular wondering if there is such a thing as being overly determined and what the possible costs of this might be ? Whether the blinkering that comes with the relentless pursuit of goals can stop us from allowing for the unexpected and unimagined, the possibility even of winning! 
How goals or boundaries can be as experienced as pressurising and even limiting by closing our minds to a wider range of possibilities, and whether it is possible to adopt a more self nurturing mindset but still embrace the pain needed to succeed and win and how to achieve that balance.