From Parkrun to partying

From Parkrun to partying

From Parkrun to partying, life flows in ever mysterious and glorious ways.

Mysterious if we stay with the wonder of it all, glorious if we glory in the forms of all that is life is unfolding in front of us…

Sun rain light darkness – the things that we call birds and trees, flowers and tall buildings, reaching skyward – some with spires said to be reaching to god…

And embrace the experiences we encounter each and every day… Every moment new

Every word we speak rich with potential – every thought we think the possibility to create

Something new

And parkrun is back… What a genius thought that was,

And how it has manifested and grown to be global…

A thought… To gather us all to run around the park together like we did when we were young.

The Parkrun vibe is a delight, and it has been the same in every venue I have run in…

Inclusive, engaging, kind, fun, family orientated. One big family with the united purpose to run together on a Saturday morning towards cake and coffee and conversation.

Humans desire is to belong and engage and have a sense of purpose.

Parkrun offers all of these and more, much more

The mystery and the glorious delight of being human and what that means

To live in this never ending maze, so often trying to find our way out, when all we need do is find the centre and embrace to moving magic that is life.

Living without shoes is a mystery to many…!

I raced around with other runners, having fun, seeming to skim over the ouchie terrain

Free from fear 

Of not succeeding, not measuring up

All gone, these unhelpful thoughts

And I ran free…

Later we zipped in a zip car all the way to the sunshine coast…

To Eastbourne my home for twelve years where I ran many many miles over the South Downs with friends who are forever friends however long the gap between the next meeting.

It was Rob and Miriam’s twentieth wedding anniversary

I was at there on that day, so sunny, all of us together celebrating their union…

I had met Rob just some four or five months earlier – but we had started out on a running road of friendship and conversation…

And here we were again celebrating with Miriam and Rob

And enjoying the never ending dialogue that started on that never ending running road and continues still…

I am preparing to run barefoot from John O’Groats to Land’s end in 2022 to raise awareness and support for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.