Going beyond boundaries with Ben Parker

Going beyond boundaries with Ben Parker

‘Become the best version of yourself with Ben Parker
Ben is a running and fitness coach for all levels, and earlier this year he launched The RunBuddy

In the Podcast Ben talks about The Run Buddy and how you can get your perfect training plan when you sign up – and for listeners of this podcast here is a discount code JULIA20

Ben shares with us his own fitness journey and subsequent running and triathlon successes; he completed his first ‘ironman’ in 2018 and is now ranked 4th in  his age group in the UK.

He tells of how his love of sport has developed into the thriving business he now runs.

Ben’s work has taken him around Europe and the UK and he is now based in Richmond London

He is also a barefoot runner and we talk about the benefits and how it can be integrated into training and racing performance