London Landmarks Half Marathon

London Landmarks Half Marathon

In competition we seek to stretch and grow – to be more than we were before.

To find out what is possible

The achieve the impossible

To expand and become.

Running to become

The run.

The inner journey reflected in the outer expression.

When we value and recognise ourselves, competition is a wonderful discipline to lead us to expression in the outer world from a place of wholeness within.

When we look for the recognition and value from the achievements then the road leads us further away from the truth of ourselves.

Which is always there

Shining bright within us… 

As we gathered on Sunday morning, on the first day of August – the spirit of the group was tangible, energy building and multiplying.

The colours of so many auras making rainbows and swirls in huge arcs of art across the skies.

Sounds all around



Filling the air with a vibration of joy.

Journeying through the streets of London Town on foot, thousands of us.

All one

A celebration of our unity and our multiplicity…

As we all became

One run.

All of us unique; our vibration shimmering and shining with its own energy.

And yet born of the same ocean of consciousness

We the waves, moving, dancing, with our own life.


The run.

I loved every moment of this special day.

Never ever had I run a half marathon in my bare feet before. I relished the nerves as I set off to journey to Trafalgar Square.

Nerves born of going into the unknown

Rather than born of any fear of ‘not measuring up’

I know the difference!

The atmosphere in Trafalgar square was electric

Party time

Coffee time

Meeting up with friends time.

Music lifting the energy higher and higher as we all stood in the road in our different ‘pens’ 

‘Ready to run.’

I enjoyed lovely conversations with fellow runners as we were lined up together for thirty minutes or so…

And as we were the ‘Mexican wave’, Amanda beside me suggested we start a wave…

It was fun

All of us moving as one.

Three times we waved the wave

And then

We were 

Ready to run.

All I’ve ever really wanted to do is run…

And so I ran

Around the streets of London

Feeling like a child. 

Racing about without my shoes.

Making friends as I ran

The most natural thing in the world

A pair of naked feet

Causing a stir.

“she’s not wearing any shoes’

‘Go!!! Barefoot’

‘Look! That lady is barefoot’

And so it went 

As I ran along

Still, after all these years

Letting the run take me where it will

Running to become.

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.