Rainy days of joy

Rainy days of joy

I am sitting writing with a tummy full of rice and Dahl and sweet potato.

Such pleasure



Sitting still

This body such a wonderful creation that needs to eat and sleep

Such bliss

So simple.

Such joy to be human… 

The rain came down and I had padded wet and ready for coffee into the coffee shop…

‘I have a question for you’ – I looked at Tommy, enquiring, intrigued ‘Yes’ 

‘Do you own any shoes? Because – I have fifty pairs!’

‘You buy shoes for me’ I laughed – and then recounted that I do own a pair of Vibram five fingers and a pair of Xero sandals… For cold weather and super rocky…

A day later

Standing sheltered at Green Park station, the rain came down and we were altogether – a crowd of friends who don’t yet know one another – waiting for the red buses that come by and by and by.

A man was beside me – suddenly – ‘Hello’ he said, I turned and we looked into one another’s eyes.

‘You have great energy’ he said, ‘it is so powerful’.

He wore long white robes and was barefoot too. His name was Reuben. We spoke for a little while about silence – (is that an oxymoron!) until the No 22 arrived and swept me away.

I waved from the window to my new friend – a chance encounter in the rain…

The fun of friendships old and new

Such joy to be human


‘I see no sign of Julian’ Anadi laughed…

We were standing in pouring rain at Bishop’s Park…

Ready for Parkrun!

Julian (we met in Battersea Park when we lined up together for a RunThroughUK 5k) and I had arranged to meet to run the Parkrun…

No sooner had Anadi said that than he appeared…

Both of us owned up to the fact that we had been checking our phones to see (hoping even!) whether the other had pulled out…!


I had seen a quote that morning which went like this

‘The easy path is not always the most fun’!

And it was fun!

To meet with other intrepid souls, who had braved the rain

To lap a park three times 

And laugh and talk before

And afterwards

To be together

Such joy to be human

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.