I like journeying

Without the journey ever ending

Sitting on a bus or train – I always feel I would be happy to stay there without ever arriving.

And on foot, the journey takes longer, but stiIl, I love journeying seemingly without an end… Pure joy, as the body tires and food takes on even greater delight…

I love to travel all day on foot 

I saw a quote by Steven White recently ‘Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time’

I’m holidaying in London, I think its called a staycation, so I have lots more time to journey to nowhere!

August is the busiest time for Anadi and so I am sitting in coffee shops and training in the gym amongst planning outings galore…

Day 1 to Kew Gardens we went, onto the tube we leapt and were delivered to the door.

Beautiful Kew, I’d never been before

Green grass delight to meander on – to coffee of course! 

And the palace, where we learnt so much about George 111 and his family. We felt him to be still there. 

We wandered on through green houses humid with tropical plants all around, and then outside again – flowers bright, rich, colour, vibrant beauty all around.

Roses, all together like Alice in wonderland

And we sat under a tree and enjoyed being there, together, on our outing.

One greenhouse heralded that it housed fifteen hundred plants from sixteen islands from five continents…!

Oh to journey to each continent and each island, and be with the plants all around.

A never ending journey


Never ends

There is a cycle of birth and death, but that which never changes lives on, and on and on in the flow of infinite life

Ever expanding

And when we stay in each step and the next and the next, and let the last one go; then each moment is a mini death as we stay present to what is.

Memories are fun and wonderful things, and memory is very useful too!

But when we have energy attached to our stories, then we can get trapped with the identification and miss what is going on in the step we are in.

It’s why I love to run, and walk for hours and days… And experience the path being made as I walk along it…

Day 2 we journeyed by tube to Little Venice and stepped onto the Regent’s Canal.

At first we started unknowingly to journey to Birmingham…!

The man on the canal boat put us right! And we turned around to make our way instead to Mile End and Lymehouse…

But a seed was sewn…

‘We could walk and run to Birmingham along the canal’ I said to Anadi

‘What have I married into!’ he laughed…

‘Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time’

I replied 🙂

The canal wove through different lands, Camden lock to Coal drops yard, where we sat and watched a rehearsal for a huge puppet that was ’emerging from the deep’ – and then on we went to Victoria park to sit amongst the food market stalls and drink our pellegrino – we stopped awhile with a man from the canal trust and learnt of its history – 2001 years old this year – and eventually on to to the end where we stepped off to make our way back long the river Thames to Leicester square…

‘Everything is within walking distance if you have time’

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.