Life is Consciousness

Life is Consciousness

I felt eyes upon me, and turning around two police officers were looking at my feet…

‘You’re brave’ one of them said, ‘Do you just run on the grass here without shoes, or outside too?’ – he waved his hand at the roads nearby…

‘I run barefoot everywhere’ I replied!

We chatted for awhile, and I told them about running across Spain – how the police were my friends, often stopping to ask ‘Todo bien?’ – Necesitas ayuda?’ 

‘But that it happens here too’. I said – ‘police, taxi drivers, regular people in their cars have slowed and asked if I am okay’…He acknowledged why people would be concerned, but then added…’We wouldn’t worry so much if you were in sports kit,  – different if you were in a nighty…’!

They were standing by at speakers corner, while a man on the box spoke about Jesus…

‘You could come and talk’, one of the officers said ‘offer a different perspective…’

Now there’s a thought! 

We took our leave, and Anadi and I ran across the vast expanse of grass…’I wonder if you can just turn up at speakers corner’ I mused… ‘And stand on your box…’? 

Anadi didn’t know…

I love our Sunday adventure runs, we had started with a coffee and croissant in the Duke of Spork square which has become a delightful routine, and then made our way to St James’s park and up to Trafalgar Square where there was a ‘drop in art for the family’ going on just in front of the national gallery… Lines of easels were set up and sitting on stools rows of children were absorbed in drawing what they saw all around them.

I love Trafalgar square; memories of visiting there as a child and feeding the pigeons… Spending hours in the national gallery with Wends in front of one painting – absorbing it perhaps – but certainly chatting a lot… ! 

Sitting on the steps eating fish and chips the night before my first ever marathon in 1982… 

It never happened, it’s all gone like the wake of a boat – or when we wake from a dream…And now I run around the fountains enjoying the feel of the smooth slabs of stone under my feet…

We ran on to Piccadilly Circus and up to Marble Arch where a big hill has been erected to see across London.

After a nice chat with the people at the bottom, mainly about my feet and my training! – We climbed the steps (ouchie underfoot!) to the top. 

It was fun – and fun to talk with a man who corrected me when I was pointing out where Battersea is –  in the completely opposite direction to where it actually is!


And then through Hyde Park and on to Kensington gardens….

‘I love living in London’ I said to Anadi as we jogged along

‘What do you love’ he replied

‘The energy, I love the energy  of London town’

The whole of the universe energy, pulsating with life and ever expanding.

And we are that 

Pulsating with life and ever expanding

So within so without.

We are life

Life is consciousness

Consciousness is life

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.