Everything is within us

Everything is within us


I’m on the train to Brighton

To not run the Brighton Marathon.

All those years of on my way to marathons to run them – and now I’m not…

Before the marathon begins there is a 10k which I will run about in my naked feet.

What fun!

Playtime on a Sunday morning and then a day at the seaside.

We discovered that we were travelling with other marathoners; and so we’ve been talking marathons – their plans, their hoped for finishing times…

And, so I’ll go to the expo and I’ll get a number to run 10k and feel very glad not be running further!

But I never say never!

And I did run a half marathon recently without my shoes… 

So who knows what lies ahead, on the path of adventure wherever my feet take me.


Anadi and I woke early and made our way to Preston park – soon we joined others, all on the same path as us

All making our way

We stood in a great big field together with music playing, while we waited to run about through the streets of Brighton, and then finish by the sea.

I gathered with a group of runners, as I have been doing for years and years and years.

I like it, which is why I keep doing it!

I chatted with Brian – we had both sought out a bright sunshiny spot to enjoy the warm morning rays – he was about to run his first ever race…

I told him I ran my first ‘proper’ race fifty years ago when i was twelve years old.

As we set off – all of us streaming down the road – I found myelf running next to Brian, and I heard him say in a tone of awe and joy

‘This is amazing…!’

And it was.

It was amazing – it was like it was the first time for me too…

Every experience has the potential to be amazing; if we live it with presence and eyes anew….

When we live with eyes anew and presence we can experience the abundance within us; we can access the flow and joy and ease which is what we generally think things we want will bring…

We were exploring this in an ‘Abundance’ webinar I held recently..

When we feel these feelings that we think the thing, the person, the experience will bring us – when we feel in a flow, infinite possibility, love fun laughter 

When we feel the feelings we think will come – when we feel them as if we already have something – then it appears – the more we ‘want’ something, more often than not, we are focusing on the fact it isn’t here.

Ironically we are looking at the lack.

But when we think about what we might want – and then investigate what we think we will feel if we have that thing… When we focus on those feelings of what we believe we’ll feel if we have this thing

Connection, freedom, limitless possibility – perhaps! 

We find it was there all the time, just waiting for us to see it…

Like rubbing the lamp and the genie appears.

Everything is within us

We are the magic lamp

It is that simple

Live in awe and joy and witness the magic.

Whatever state of consciousness we are in affects everything, because everything ‘that is’ is manifesting though us

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.