Spreading Joy

Spreading Joy

A weekend of joy…

A joyous weekend

‘May everyone on the planet be well and happy’

‘May everyone in this country be well and happy’

‘May everyone in this City be well and happy’

‘May everyone in the town/village be well and happy’

‘May everyone in this house be well and happy’

‘May I be well and happy’

This is the Buddhist Metta prayer

Metta means loving kindness 

And when we wish that everyone be well and happy, in the stillness of the prayer we experience the wellness and happiness… Pure joy

We feel it

The joy


Whatever state of consciousness we are in affects the whole, and so we affect ‘all that is’ with our joy – and in turn, ‘all that is’ is manifesting through us in a joyful manner…

We can all be spreaders of joy.

The weekend was fun, and full of uplifting energy.

On Saturday we met in the park to chant Aum for a whole hour long.

It felt so short.

Being here and now in the sound, a flash of time… 

But the sound never ending, the sound of creation…

The original vibration of the universe from which all other vibrations have been able to manifest…

And our state of being, whether sad or joyous has a vibrational frequency which we can shift and change – and alter as we journey through this life in form.

And so we sat together – seven of us – on the grass in St James’s park London – in the circle within a circle of trees; and with the wonders of technology others joined us too…

And the sound of Aum rose up and up and outwards, ever expanding and reverberating forever til the end of time.

And then we went for coffee and food and laughter, and the joy continued to double and multiply as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ randomly to two friends who weren’t actually there  – just to see what would happen!

And in doing so we discovered Debbie on the next table had a birthday that day – and so we sang again and more people joined in…

And then Lisa on the table beside Debbie was also celebrating her birthday – and so we sang once more and the energy rose higher even, again.

Fun, celebration! Joyous joy…!

The next day the fun continued…

Cathy ran the Ealing half marathon in her home town.

I ran to Ealing in the morning via a rather random route, and arrived in time to see her finish 

Afterwards she threw a beer and pizza party… 

It was a sunny Sunday fun day!

All of us gathering and laughing

Being together

And people gave money to support those without homes

To spread the energy even further

And so it is

We change the world by being the change we want to see…

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.