Trust the Way

Trust the Way

 Sunday dawned bright and sunny;

Anadi set off for a run and I limped up to the gym – my foot sore even walking.


I am the master of working around pain in the body…

And through it.

I had finished an interval session yesterday (Saturday) on the treadmill… I’d felt great running a specific 5k session set in advance of racing a 5k in Hyde park the coming Wednesday.

My body had felt loose and relaxed and the session had flowed 

10 x 90secs with 30 sec jog recovery. 

As I stepped off the treadmill my left foot felt a bit stiff/ sore on the top – but I didn’t think much about it as I often have random pains moving through my bod!

But it didn’t go away, and my foot was very painful all the rest of the day – walking was difficult

A night’s sleep and there was some improvement – limping felt okay…As I said, I’m practised at navigating injury! Maybe I’ll be ready to race on Wednesday – maybe not…

I certainly knew that running was out of the question on Sunday.

I rowed 5k on the Concept 2 rowing machine and was once again reminded of the benefits of cross training!

When I finished the session my foot felt a lot better… The rhythmic bending of it as I rowed seemed to have helped the healing…

I met up again with Anadi and we enjoyed a delicious croissant and coffee in nearby Aubaine – a local French restaurant – before we made our way to the embankment….

Runners were streaming along it!

The London marathon in full swing – my friend Kathy Gore was running and later we would meet her on the Mall at the end of her long Sunday journey around London town…

It was like suddenly entering another world, and looking through the window to an old life from the outside 

How many times have I run down the Mall at the end of the marathon?

I can’t remember exactly, maybe eight or perhaps nine?

But I do remember two specific times – perhaps not unsurprisingly my two best runs over the marathon distance…

After a snapshot of the day – Anadi and I raced up to Leicester Square… 

Our schedule quite tight to arrive at the Chineses centre in time to hear our friends Kay Aplin and Joseph Young talk about their collaborations with Chinese artists – and to see the premier of ‘Listening Hands’ a film created by Joe… We arrived with three minutes to spare!

The film was wonderful, it explores the links between the T’ai Chi Ch’uan movement form and a series of field recordings made in southern China. Joseph collaborated with a Tai Chi master and group from London Chinese Community Centre to film a performance in Chinatown’s main square on 1st September 2021.

It is really worth a watch an you can find it by clicking here – Kay and Joe have been collaborating on projects for eleven years and listening to how they have navigated the last year of lockdown to keep creating and being agile as each avenue seemed to close was very inspiring.

As I sat there, I had of course forgotten all about my sore foot – helped by not walking on it! But as one door seems to close we must just look towards the windows and new doors that reveal themselves 

And so it has been with Joe and Kay’s work

And so it is with my running 

We make the road by walking it

And it reveals itself in each step

As we stay in it 

And trust the way.

(PS – it’s Wednesday now, and my foot is better!)

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.