Experience the Joy

Experience the Joy

I opened the door of the ‘Thatched Cottage Hotel’, and a dewy quiet, sparkling – chilly fresh – October morn greeted me.

I set off slowly up the road, jogging and walking through Brockenhust village, and in less than ten minutes I was on the wet green tufty turf of the New Forest…

Cyclists whizzed by, an occasional car – and from the green by the edge by the road, the forest stretched in a vast vista dotted with cows and horses.

A deer too was standing quiet and still in the distance.

I ran up and down along a stretch near the road, it was smoother and easier to run my session of strides…

Up and down I ran… My feet felt freezing.

They turned pink in the damp cold grass, soft and magical as well as almost too cold!

A man came out to get something from his car – ‘It must feel nice to run without shoes’ he commented… ‘It does’ I replied; ‘but it’s almost too cold today’…

‘The frost is coming soon’ he continued… ‘I’m glad I have some minimalist shoes, and skinners socks then’ I laughed….

I am glad! I don’t run without shoes in order to suffer…

I do it because I like it, and it generally feels better for my body; when it doesn’t I put something on my feet.

It can be a trap to get set in one direction…

With any set of ways of behaving or thinking that we believe we ‘are’ – with anything that could define us or we identify with, then the very thing that originally seemed to set us free, whether that be running barefoot, yoga, living a certain way, a job, a hobby – anything at all….

If we become identified then the freedom it came from, the inspiration within, the silence is forgotten

And the noose of our conditioning, the desire to be seen, to be somebody, to be somehow different or special crushes us and can take away the joy.

Who are we if we have nothing? Do we know our truth, our essence.

Because however we define ourselves, as a parent, a sister a brother a son a daughter – a business person, a sportsperson, a musician , an artist – we are so much more.

Who we are cannot be defined or thought or even spoken about

We are the source of all thought…

And so when we rest in this awareness then whatever we are inspired to do or be or have from this place is coming from freedom itself and so we too are free

To play and enjoy and experience the joy of being in form 

Out of the formless!

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.