I am where I am…

I am where I am…

There’s no time like the present.

There’s nothing like taste of almond croissant – the best ever; as if it were the first time ever – and coffee

Pure joy (If that is to your taste!)

Experienced in the here and now.

Each moment a drop of eternal joy; to be, to enjoy – being human with all that means…

In this body, this paradigm…

Enjoying taste and presence, experiencing and watching


Of Awareness – a paradox. How can awarenesses be aware of itself?

Awareness is

But – in this illusion of separation, and because language is

Then to be aware, we can watch from awareness  – all that we are living out

Tasting touching feeling experiencing…

And so become aware that we are awareness…. 

Catching a bus to Putney Common 

‘I want this journey to last forever’ – I said to Anadi; i often say that when journeying! I love being

On a bus

Being there, in the space of now.

Like I’ve never been on a bus before; staring in wonder as the world passes by outside.

But the journey did end.

We jumped off the bus at it’s final destination..

Putney Common

And then, we were

Running, legs moving, the cold October morning in our faces and hands. Feeling the cold. Anew.

Running along the road and reaching Richmond Park – the land of the beauteous deer that stand so still and watch


As we run by, up the hill and over the brow we ran

Anadi and I.

To Richmond Gate where we met my sister Rosy and her husband Nick, and the then of us circled the park running in Parkrun to breakfast…

The joy of the present moment

And we are happy

All of us 


Together enjoying breakfast together

In that space of this is the only moment ever; it will not come again

This is all there is

This space


But what happens, when we hear some news that isn’t good, we remember all the things we need to do, we remember the harsh words that someone spoke….

Often, usually – the joy leaves

And we are not present – not now

No more….

Something ‘more important’ has appeared and the mind insists that there is now no time to be here – now – in the present and the thoughts, the things to do need to be addressed, thought about, worried about, worked out

And so the moment is lost


And we are once again lost in the samsara of this painful existence.

And all we need ‘do’ then,

Is not do

But be

Here, whatever is going on and to be prepared to know that 

‘I am where I am and it’s okay…’ 

I take part in barefoot adventures to raise awareness and money for Crisis, the charity that supports the homeless

‘Together we will end Homelessness’

If you would like to donate to the cause you can find my just giving page here.